Weekly Round-Up 34

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 34! This week we feature new singles by Low Cut High Tops, Fern and Crystal Fighters. And we review debut releases by Krusoe and Tayla. Enjoy the music!

Low Cut High Tops – You Remind Me

Low Cut High Tops continues his grungerock sound of his debut album “Eh, Whatever” with “You Remind Me”, his first song since it’s release back in February. In the meantime we were treated with clever music videos to his older songs, that range from sweet & hopeful to raw & cynical. This new one falls somewhere in between: the sound is raw and grungy, but David’s vocals and lyrics are sugarcoating the song with a bittersweet melancholy. Very cool.

Krusoe – S.O.S.

Next up is a very accomplished debut song: “S.O.S” by Krusoe. This indietronica song has an excellent production with many little detailed sounds and effects, but never loses it’s drive to keep this going. It’s like the synths make you want to float, but the beats keep you grounded to dance. With all these layers of sound it’s hard to forget those melancholic vocals. Spacelike. And impressive.

Tayla – Call Me Danger

“Call Me Danger” is the debut single by R&B singer Tayla Malcolm from Birmingham, UK. Her blend of pop, dance and soul is very infectious. Driven by an 80s synth bass and a bouncy beat, this track has attitude and flair. The song is about being confident without caring what others think. And Tayla sings with confidence and attitude. Yes, we would call her Danger!

Crystal Fighters – All Night

It’s always summer when you put on a Crystal Fighters song! And their new one “All Night” is no exception. Sunshine vibes, and stories about summer loves and partying. It seems like they have a magic formula, except that every new song somehow sounds fresh and exciting. It seems the ingredients are always the same, but the recipe isn’t. This is a hell of a (belated) summer hit!

Fern – Tropical

Fern are Scott and Lauren from Sydney, Australia creating experimental yet catchy noisepop songs. Their new song “Tropical” has cool beats, sinister sounds and heavenly vocals, creating an unsettling but compelling atmosphere. The song sounds both detached and cohesive and well thought through. Hypnotizing!

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