Weekly Round-Up 32

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 32! This week we feature new singles by LyelLee Triffon and Marco Cinelli. And we review debut releases by Francobollo, Zuzu and Twisted Clyde. Enjoy the music!

Lyel – Coming For The Rain

Helsinki based Lyel adds another great inspirational song to her catalogue. The song is about finding yourself, finding that inner hero we all have inside. The lyrics are supported by a euphoric melody with swelling strings and bombastic beats. It has the same grandeur as 80s and 90s power ballads. Together with Lyel’s vocals it makes the song ethereal and hopeful. We can’t wait for upcoming EP, out in September.

Francobollo – Kinky Lola

Swedish band Francobollo, now located in London, start off with an ambitious song about today’s fast food culture, according the band. It also includes lyrics about easy stardom; making no effort but wanting all and fast. It’s a slow rock song with rough guitars and some aggressive singing, which fits the theme and music. Their debut EP is due out later this year.

Lee Triffon – Mirrors In The Sand

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter-producer Lee Triffon returns with a second single. Just like her wonderful debut “Different Sun”, this is a progressive, genre-binding electronica song. Taking elements from soul, ambient and dance, Lee Triffon creates another sonic world for her inspiring introspective lyrics. On “Different Sun” she asked us to come into her world, now she asks us to face ourselves. Take her invite, it’s beautiful!

Zuzu – Get Off

Newcomer Zuzu from Liverpool, UK delivers a delightful alternative rock song with catchy hooks and lyrics. “Get Off” is a surprising mix of punk, pop, and even grunge. It works on all levels: as a great groover for dancefloors, as a sing along rocksong, it’s perfect for performing live, and it sounds like a chart hit. An amazing first single!

Marco Cinelli – Oh Oh (Blasted Out)

Italian born Marco Cinelli has been around awhile, composing songs from a very early age. He has an amazing voice that really stands out, whatever the song or sound. His soulful pop song “Oh Oh (Blasted Out)” from a few months ago received a nice make-over: the B-side remix is a great version, with tighter beats and a crystal clear production. It makes the song a solid slow groover, perfect for dancefloors!

Twisted Clyde – Get Your Sober Face On

This week Twisted Clyde released his debut EP on Soundcloud. We don’t know nothing about him yet, except that his songs are awesome! His “Don’t Jump Just Yet” EP is very well balanced with 5 songs and an intro. He sounds like 90s alternative rock from Third Eye Blind and Crazy Town, or like a mellow Limp Bizkit. And there is even a hint of poppunk. Our favourite is “Get Your Sober Face On” with a mellow groove and a cool sing along chorus.

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