Weekly Round-Up 27

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 27! This week we review debut releases by James Leonard HewitsonShapes In Calgary and Amberay. Enjoy the music!

James Leonard Hewitson – Care Less, Love Less

jlhThe debut single by UK based singer-songwriter James Leonard Hewitson has been building momentum for over 18 months, when BBC Introducing first played his song in October 2014. But Hewitson wasn’t ready yet for a full release and career due to college and inexperience. But in the meantime he kept performing live. “Care Less, Love Less” is an ‘alternative’ folk song with powerpop tendencies. It’s about those life transitionary periods when you realise ánd accept that your attitudes has changed. A joyful summer song about reflection and moving forward.

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Shapes In Calgary – Happy Now

Shapes In Calgary“Happy Now” is the debut single by new band Shapes In Calgary from Brooklyn, NYC, and started as duo of songwriter Alyssa Ciorciari and producer Gary Atturio. The song has a lo-fi sound, and is minimalistic with a simple yet effective synthersizer melody, a steady drum beat and the touching vocals by singer Alyssa Ciorciari. It gets under your skin immediately. Beautifully done, this short song with lasting impact. They hope to release their debut EP in the fall of 2016.

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Amberay – I Say Stop

AmberayAmazing debut single by a just 14-year old girl from Ibiza, Spain. Corresponding to her location, her track has a true balearic spirit. With sunny melodies and vocals, this song will have you dreaming about summer in an instant. The track is supported by a drum & bass rhythm to also make you dance. The overall feel is sunny, cool and breezy. Perfect for a beach party! Very promising first song.

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