Weekly Round-Up 26

Welcome to weekly round-up no. 26! This week we feature new singles by Stats, Bestman and Merrym’n. And we review debut releases by Babygirl and Litche. Enjoy the music!

Stats – King Of The Ring Road

StatsStats is a band with five decent adults. As they say it themselves: “Stats can’t dance and Stats don’t take drugs. Stats are a grown-up thing to do.” But they sure know how to make others dance. Their funky new wave tracks remind us of Talking Heads, even the vocals resemble David Byrne’s. The new single “King Of The Ring Road” combines a live feel with electro sounds. An addictive little gem!

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Bestman – Worry

BestmanBESTMAN is the creation of Chicago multi-instrumentalist Brian Clouthier. Together with some friends he creates melodic synthpop with industrial beats. Think of Depeche Mode, but then drenched in sunshine! The driving rock beats keep the song moving while your spirit gets lifted by the cheerful melodies. This is the first song from their upcoming debut EP “Big Sky”.

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Babygirl – Overbored

Baby GirlBabygirl are Kirsten Clark and Cameron Breithaupt from Toronto, Canada. According to their profile they are an ’emo dreamo pop duo’. And that fits very well with the lo-fi sound and Kirsten’s detached vocals. “Overbored” is a “celebration of the unsure, uninspired and bored“. The music video in which they add gestures to the lyrics, is both touching and funny, and suits the atmosphere of the music perfectly.

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Merrym’n – Ashtrays In The Antiques Fair

Merrm'nMerrym’n is Bob Moston, a singer-songwriter from Stoke-on-Trent, UK. He writes and sings about local communities and affairs. And he is a true story teller with a love for the subjects he sings about! His new single “Ashtrays In The Antiques Fair” is about how the smoking ban changed pub culture. He sings with sincerity and a little heartbreak. Moston is your local DIY-minstrel who will tell you as it is, with his sound rooted in rock and folk.

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Litche – Look Up

LitcheBeautiful debut single by British producer Litche. It’s an electronic soul song, but with an ethereal feel. The use of ethnic samples, percussion and effective humming makes it a perfect track for relaxing and meditation. But don’t mistake this for ambient or new age, there is a lot more to it: you’ll be enticed by it’s details and synths. We hope that there is more coming soon!

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