Weekly Round-Up 21

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 21! This week we feature the new album by ShagWagon, and the new EP by CANTER. And we review five debut singles: by Imperial Daze, Lee TriffonShyla Buff, Felish and Ourchives. Enjoy the music!

Imperial Daze – Man Out Of Myself

Imperial Daze - Man Out Of MyselfImperial Daze is a multi-national band consisting of an Argentinian, a Frenchman and an Englishman. They formed in a south London commune. Their debut single is a delightful psychedelic pop song with lovely synths and loads of reverbs. Catchy, trippy and filled with sunshine! A breath of fresh air.

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Lee Triffon – Different Sun

Lee TriffonLee Triffon is a Los Angeles based songwriter/ producer, known for her EDM/trap project Kokoro. “Different Sun” is her official debut and an invitation to travel in her music and to trigger your imagination. “Come into my world” she sings, “I’ve got a different sun”. And who can resist her heavenly and hypnotic voice?! It’s an ethereal downtempo song with a slightly dark mood that pulls you in and challenges you. Extraordinary debut.

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Shyla Buff – Confidence

Shyla BuffShyla Buff is a brand new project by a mysterious producer/writer from Los Angeles. He had a few records out as a singer/ songwriter, “but wanted to do a super vibey indie record”, he tells us. Well, he succeeded, “Confidence” is a catchy and dreamy indiepop song with nice jangly guitars. And there is more coming very soon, he promised! We love more mystery!

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Felish – A Dream

Felish a dreamFelicia Soumah is a 25-year old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. She’s also lead singer of the tropical indie band Feli & The Lemonshakers. “A Dream” is her debut solo single. It’s a heartfelt song about the things we do for love and recognition, while forgetting to live life for ourselves. Felish’ amazing and soulful voice will captivate you from the start, and will make you probably shed some tears. Heartbreaking.

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CANTER – Hear My Plea EP

CANTER - Hear My PleaCanter is an electronic rock band from Chicago, USA. They create dark hypnotic songs, based on krautrock, new wave and ambient. A few months ago the lead song “Hear My Plea” appeared, and this week the remaining songs were released. Each song has an amazing balance between soundscapes and being a pop song. “Hear My Lead” is a great example. What also strikes us is that in contrary to many coldwave bands CANTER actually sound incredibly warm and passionate, even if in a more angry song as “Chagrin”. We love how the calm and at first deceitful simple song “Don’t confess” turns out majestic, almost epic. The strength of “Radiation” is the close-by dark synth bass with the distant guitar, which make you feel lost in the music. Great EP for fans of more adventurous darkwave!

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ShagWagon – Stellar Phantoms

shagwagon-stellar phantomsShagWagon is the Canadian duo of Jacob Thompson and Jack Finlayson creating spaced out psychedelic indiepop. Last week they released their new album “Stellar Phantoms”. We wrote a review of the first single “In A Dream“. The album features the concept of dreaming/waking and has a great overall flow. The few interludes work really well, especially “Forgotten Songs From the Future” with choir loops, which is the perfect intro to “For the first time”, in which Thompson’s mere voice is hypnotising and soothing. Other highlights are “Proxima” and “Centauri”, which sound like classic 70s rock in space. The album has an epic, orchestral ending with “The States”. This is an amazing and beautiful album with spacious, detailed production that leaves lots of room for your own imagination.

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OURCHIVES – Far From Grace

OURCHIVESA new star has arrived on indiepop horizon: OURCHIVES, the alias of 19-year old Joel Gunnarsson from Sweden. His debut single is a classic R&B flavoured pop song about love, specifically about whether to continue a troublesome relationship. His concept is: singing about shared life stories that happened in our archives, hence ‘Ourchives’. Great future ahead, no doubt!

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