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ShagWagon is the Canadian duo of Jacob Thompson and Jack Finlayson creating psychedelic indierock songs. We’ve been following them since their debut album in 2014, and ever since we feel anticipation and excitement with every new release. Their “Cosmic Ocean” was Indie Pop-Ups’ favourite song of 2015.

With “In A Dream”, the first single from their forthcoming album we felt that excitement again. And again they don’t disappoint. They never do. This is another brilliant gem! We have no clue how they come up with these sonic seductions. And it really doesn’t matter, as long as they keep delivering! The song is less psychedelic than we are used to. But it does have the sensual glistering synthesizer melodies of their latest album. Both that particular sound and the sensuous voice will absorb you, totally and irreversibly. Contrary to the warm sounds, the video shows us a winter landscape where a love story is unfolding. This makes the song a soothing winter chill track for cold nights and the warm comfort of your home and loved one.

Their new album “Stellar Phantoms” is coming out on May 20th.

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