Weekly Round-Up 8

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 8. This week we saw the return of ShagWagon, and new songs by Lovespeake, Streek and Mirror People. And we discovered debut singles by The New CoastFether, Yoke LoreFutile and mystery band Gren Men. Enjoy the music!

ShagWagon – In A Dream

shagwagonShagWagon return with another great single! “In A Dream” is less psychedelic than we’re used to, but has the sensual glistering synthesizer melodies. That particular sound and the sensuous voice will absorb you. Contrary to the warm sounds, the video shows us a winter landscape where a love story is unfolding. This makes the song a winter chill track for cold nights and the warm comfort of your home and loved one.

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The New Coast – Lost In Your Love

thenewcoastIt’s a strange idea that in cold London the summer song “Lost In Your Love” was created. It is the debut single by new band The New Coast: East London-based duo Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater. Inspiration for the song was a trip to Greece, which explains the ultimate surf & beach feeling it evokes. You’re instantly on holiday! It’s classic dreamy indiepop, and a great first offering. It is also an unspoken promise of what’s coming next: expectations are high!

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Mirror People – We Wonder (Featuring Mauro)

Mirror PeoplePure funk! That’s basically what’s there to say. From the very first moment you are thrown back to 70s funk. It feels like this is completely played and recorded live! There is so much energy, you can hardly keep up. The Mirror People are the brainchild of frontman Rui Maia. Together with some friends he creates these amazing songs, which seem like live jam sessions. And this song has a surprise! Wait for the 3:20 mark…

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Gren Men – Nicole (The Fall)

Gren MenDebut single by mystery band Gren Men. As the story goes, this is actually their 2nd EP; the mastertapes from the 1st were dashed in the river by Nicole whom the song is about. But all is forgiven, because he still loves her, he sings lovingly. Both story and song have a 60s Beatlesque style. But the modern loud beats and funky electro bass make this a refreshing debut. We definitely want to hear how the story continues… Where is Nicole?

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Streek – It’s About Time

streekStreek is a one-man band from Dublin, Ireland. His full name is Barry James Streek and that’s basically all we know! Oh, and that he writes and records all his music at home. His new song “It’s About Time” is from his new album “Organic Computers And The Spoils Of War”. His sound is guitar-based, his attitude Do-It-Yourself. Together this makes up for raw grunge songs, but with a slightly psychedelic touch, and less heavy on the guitar. Excellent!

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Fether – Truly Yours

FetherFether is a five-piece band from Toronto, Canada. “Truly Yours” is their first single. It is a gorgeous midtempo electropop song. It has a mellow instrumental track with heavenly female vocals on top. With images of Toronto and visual effects, the video adds to the song. It all seems like an effortless job, so smooth and accessible, but it takes true effort to make a song that is well-accomplished. We will hear a lot more from this band in 2016.

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Lovespeake – Tightrope

lovespeakeThis week, a second single was released by Lovespeake, an upcoming Norwegian indie band. Their debut “DNA” gained a lot of attention. Rightfully so, it is a brilliant sing along pop gem. Their new one “Tightrope” continues the pop vibe, and is even more groovy. The production is very spacious and makes you feel like you’re floating across the dancefloor. Perfect soundtrack to your friday night roller skate disco party!

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Yoke Lore – Heavy Love

Yoke LoreA warm welcome back to Adrian Galvin, now known as Yoke Lore. With his last project Yellerkin he had several minor hits, like “Tools“. His sound hasn’t changed much, but lyrically it’s definitely different and an example of his great storytelling. And that’s the key to Yoke Lore: ‘telling stories about how people are bound’, as he explains it, one story at a time. Multi-talented as he is, he even designed the artwork himself. Amazing job!

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Futile – I Don’t/You Don’t

Futile“I Don’t/You Don’t” is the first single by Futile, an electropop band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their musical inspirations are both local (Tough Alliance) and international (Happy Mondays). That makes up for a hell of an indiedance tune! A forward beat with a funky rhythm guitar. A band who isn’t afraid to disco! That’s the way we like it! Their second single “Lust for Life” will be released on 18th March.


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