Weekly Round-Up 7

Welcome to the 7th weekly round-up. This week we only feature debut singles, because this week was just packed with them!! The artists are: Tim Glae Zee, James George, Hoodies At Night, FREAK, Saint Clair, JNCTRE, Lowla and Tosk.

Tim Glae Zee – Young And Breathless

Tim Glae ZeeTim Glae Zee is a young singer-songwriter from New Zealand. He is also known as Boy Wulf, from last year’s hit single “It’s Just A Nightmare“. His new project is a proved combination of R&B and electropop. Not very innovative per se, but his production skills and his voice make it simply remarkable. There are loads of detailed electronic glitch-sounds including micro-samples of his voice. A perfect futuristic popsong.

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James George – Make You Mine

James GeorgeFrom the very first drums this debut song rocks. You are instantly hooked on the indierock with a driving bass and nice guitar melodies. But most important is the voice of James George: it’ll grab you by the throat. Without a doubt. It’s a haunting song about a guy longing for a girl. You can hear the desperation in his voice. Even the sparingly synth strings add to that feeling. Classic britpop to-be. One to watch!

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Hoodies At Night – Shore (featuring Milk & Bone) 

Jonathan DauphinaisHoodies At Night is the recording project of Jonathan Dauphinais, a Canadian musician and producer. Apparently he wrote the song a few years back, using his self invented keybass (combination of electric bass and electronic keyboard). But he just released it this week. It is a midtempo electropop song featuring the heavenly vocals of female duo Milk & Bone. It’s a magical and joyous first single, so let’s hope there is more to come!


FREAK – What Happened?

FREAKConnar Ridd, the guy behind FREAK, must be thinking “What the hell happened this week?”. Well, mister, you just put out an amazing rock n’ roll EP, that got the deserved attention and respect! Because this is something else. Full on raw DIY grunge with loud beats! And despite the fact that it sounds like a complete band, it is just him in his bedroom creating these songs. So awesome!

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Saint Clair – Sailing

saint clairSaint Claire is a mystery artist. Not uncommon with debuts lately. Fortunately the producer is known: Raffertie. He has been making exciting electronic music for years now. So the backbone of the song is electronic, but serves as a basis for piano and the impeccable soulful voice of Saint Clair. This makes the track a real R&B song. A beautiful song and there’s little to criticize. Except that it never really gets exciting.

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JNCTRE is a duo from the UK. One of them was in indiepop band Get Cubs, known for their hit “Delilah“. But the sound has nothing in common with his new band. “Be So” is pure electronic soul. It does remind us of slow 80s groove ballads, with enough exciting instrumental support but with the focus on a great voice. And just as you think it al sounds familiar, there is a grand guitar solo! Check it out and be surprised!

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Lowla – Reckless

lowlaaaLowla is a London pop duo consisting of producer Lo and stylist Lara. Their debut is a slow and slightly dark song quite similar to early Charlie XCX. Despite the dark sound, there is a hopeful message: the realisation that a break-up was necessary to feel better. The lyrics are not really sung, but more spoken, with a bitterness that emphasizes the darker undertones. Uncomfortable song that gets under your skin, and makes you think.

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Tosk – Blue City


New Dutch band of four guys making danceable rock based on beautiful guitar melodies with an appropriate amount of reverb. Think of The War On Drugs, Future Islands and Small Black. “Blue City” is a perfect example of their sound. The production is very professional. Their lyrics are about the irony of life. The video enhances the lyrics with people reflecting their lives in mirrors. Wonderful!

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