Weekly Round-Up 6

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 6. This is a week of slow songs and epic ballads! James Blake returned and surprised us with a new song. Also Weird Dreams returned this week. Singer/songwriter Briana Jean dropped her debut single, and we were impressed by new singles from Jaylien and Beach Tiger. Enjoy the music!

Briana Jean – The Sun

Briana JeanOne of Briana Jean’s inspirations is Lana Del Rey, which you can hear clearly. Her debut single “The Sun” has the same dark, sensual and melancholic sound. With compelling and confident lyrics like “It’s so hard to believe there are people in the world tryin’ to suffocate me”, 24-year Briana Jean is mature and self-conscious. Her amazing debut shows that she is the new female voice in town.

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Weird Dreams – The Ladder

Wild DreamsDuring the 4-year absence, Weird Dreams turned from a band to a one-man project of singer Doran Edwards. The sound changed from pure indiepop to electronic downtempo. “The Ladder” is a sad piano ballad featuring his melancholic voice. Together with angelic melodies this song is deeply moving. Simple but beautiful. More new songs are on their way.

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James Blake – Modern Soul

James BlakeOccasionally James Blake fills the radiowaves during BBC Radio 1’s Residency. During this week’s broadcast Blake presented his new song “Modern Soul”. In between the selection of soul and odd electronica, his new track finds it’s place perfectly. The song starts with just piano and his amazing voice. With slowly adding electronic sounds, the song becomes more dramatic and haunting. The song truly deserves it’s title.

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J∆YLIEN – Little Bit Of You

Jaylien WesleyRapper/singer Jaylien Wesley delivers another soulful jam. It’s classic lover soul, with lyrics ranging from loveable (“She’s the kind of girl you want to marry”) to sexual (“Let me put my hands all over your body”). But it always stays respectable, with the focus on that special love. Jaylien’s voice suits the smooth, sensual and spacious sound perfectly. A classic R&B love ballad.

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Beach Tiger – Mind Make

Beach TigerThis week the second single of new band Beach Tiger was released. Instead of a easy carbon copy of their uptempo indierock debut “Just Woke Up”, this song is a ballad. The band shows it is capable of doing more. And this new one certainly impresses! It sounds very relaxed and groovy. It seems an easy song but it is crafted and executed very well. Without a doubt another great step to more fame and a larger fan base.

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