Weekly Round-Up 48

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 48! This week we feature new releases by Masasolo, Jenny Kern, Milk., Favor and High Hi.

Masasolo – No Notifications

Every single Masasolo song is a treat! No Notifications starts off unsettling, but halfway lets sunshine through, and ends sudden, leaving you wondering… Psychedelic music without compromises.

Jenny Kern – Satellite

Sometimes the production of a song is just spot on: you can still hear the demo piano version inside, but the outcome is a beautifully crafted, melancholic pop ballad. While listening, you feel the artists’ love and pride for this song.

Milk. – A Little More

When you mix R&B and pop-rock with a slick production, you get this extraordinary executed pop ballad. Destined to be in the mainstream!

Favor – Way Too Soon

Relationship impasses always deliver great songs! Pop soul song with a bubbly, groovy vibe. Something that Michael Jackson could have created.

High Hi – 94A9

Catchy powerpop with just that little touch of industrial. The band does not shy away from dramatic vocals, heavy guitars and tight machine drums. Addictive!

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