Weekly Round-Up 29

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 29! This week we feature debut singles by X+O and Naked People. Enjoy the music!

X+O – I Love It I Love It I Love It

New Canadian band X+O debutes with an energetic poprock song called “I Love It I Love It I Love It”. This song is a mix of danceable post-punk and uplifting powerpop, and is clearly made to you move! Think along the lines of Franz Ferdinand (“Do You Want To”), The Automatic (“Monster”) and The Fratellis (“Chelsea Dagger”). We gladly welcome this song on any alternative dance floor! We Love It, We Love It, We Love It!!

Naked People – Always

Swedish duo Naked People take off with a magnificent debut single! “Always” is a midtempo R&B dance song with a deep drumbeat, a disorientating wall of electronic sounds, and haunting vocals that remind us of Michael Jackson. Together they keep you trapped in the music, in a loop. The lyrics could be a sweet love song, but the musical context and the despair of the vocals give them something disturbing. Incredible!


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