Weekly Round-Up 18

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 18! This week we review debut releases Tabou and Hatchie. And we feature new singles by Teddy Edwards, Martin Baltser and MERI. Enjoy the music!

Tabou – Honey

After their previous band HNTR disbanded after three years, several members continue their love for music with a new project: Tabou. While the relaxed soulful indiepop sound of HNTR is still present, they have given it a fresh, funky dance groove. Their debut “Honey” is pure chilled beach music, and should be played by DJ’s everywhere this summer!

Teddy Edwards – Always Be There

Newcomer Teddy Edwards has been writing songs since the age of 9. Now, years later he is claiming his momentum. His debut song “My Name” from last November is a pure pop song that really shows his vocal skills. His follow-up “Always Be There” is a deliciously dreamy love ballad.

Martin Baltser – Crazy View

After his amazing debut “Call Me Wild” upcoming Danish singer Martin Baltser‘ now presents his second offering. Again, he completely blows us away. “Crazy View” perfectly balances between the acoustic and electronic, and between ambient music and pop song. The music video is as meditative as the song. Brilliant.

MERI – High

Finnish singer-songwriter MERI has been around for a while, but her the ballad-turns-dance-anthem “I Don’t Wanna Be Yours” is already over 18 months old. Now she returns with “High”, showing off her vocals again. “High” is a beautiful, calm piano ballad that reminds us of the cheerfulness of Des’ree’s 90s classic “Life”.

Hatchie – Try

Very impressive debut single! On “Try” Australian singer Hatchie combines ultralight pop melodies with a dreamy hazy sound. And it suits her vocals perfectly. When you hear the song, it will immediately surprise and delight you! Again: very very impressive.

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