Weekly Round-Up 15

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 15! This week we review debut releases by CEE BLU, ArloFEEVESLia Lia and Yash And we feature the new single by Another Juggle. Enjoy the music!

CEE BLU – Thrill 

Listening to CEE BLU‘s first offering “Thrill” is a real sonic adventure. Synth washes, rolling hi-hats and the sweet voice of Cee Blu make this a somewhat surprising R&B song, future soul if you like. Exceptional debut.

Arlo – Ivory

Arlo is a 24 year old upcoming R&B talent. His debut single “Ivory” is about his struggle to find his own way despite disappointments. It features his highly emotional vocals making his heartbreak almost physical. An amazing song about self-empowerment that will touch many souls.

FEEVES – Casual

After the ending of indiepop band NEONNOAH, member Esteban Flores takes on a new project: FEEVES. His sound is not unlike his old band’s: catchy poprock. Flores has a sense for creating a good tune. “Casual” is a sweet and summery song that will bring joy and a delightful distraction.

Lia Lia – Olymp

Newcomer Lia Lia (only 19 years old) tells and sings a heartbreaking story with a casualness and nonchalance that makes her sound very cool and confident. The flat beat amplifies that, but the synthesizer melody is entrancing and haunting. A remarkable debut.

Another Juggle – Cities Crash

Danish band Another Juggle return with another amazing synthpop single from their debut album “Dance Sunshine, Dance”. “Cities Crash” combines melancholy with optimism, and is about longing for being back in the city. The accompanying music video is a true visual poem with floating images of skylines and colliding buildings. A beautiful ode to cities.

Yash – Muse

Mystery producer Yash debuts with an electronic R&B song called “Muse”. Very dreamlike atmosphere.

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