Weekly Round-Up 12

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 12! This week we review debut releases by MINNI, WWWater, Declan J. Donovan, and JW Ridley. Enjoy the music!

MINNI – Fool

Stunning, this debut by MINNI! We’re incredibly excited! “Fool” is a pop ballad slowly turning into a dancefloor track (after a reggae-dub intermezzo which is amazing). “You’re keeping me up all night”, continues Minni with her heavenly and persuasive voice. Yes, you do! The music video moves nicely with the atmosphere and tempo of the song. We hope that the early fade-out implies an extended version. Because we desperately need one. Hypnotic and unreal.

WWWater – WWWater

Charlotte Adigéry debuts as WWWater with the very imaginative R&B song “WWWater”. She was discovered by Soulwax when recording a movie soundtrack. With her sensual voice backed by a firm beat and wonderful strings she takes us on a musical adventure. Different, daring and yet inviting.

Declan J. Donovan – Fallen So Young

Two years after the bedroom demo version of “Fallen So Young” was uploaded on Soundcloud, this is the official debut single of singer-songwriter Declan J. Donovan. The new version is of course better produced, but the song has lost nothing of it’s raw, emotional intent. The song has aged very well. This is beautiful acoustic pop music.

JW Ridley – Everything (Deathless)

Two months ago JW Ridley‘s debut track “Everything” appeared on Soundcloud, now there is a beautiful, effectively simple music video. It’s just the singer in a hardly-lit room singing his song, heartfelt and haunting. And the music? Dreamy post-punk in the best tradition of The Cure, Joy Division and the like. When in years time people reflect on 2010s new wave/dreampop at least two names will pop up: Day Wave and this young hero, JW Ridley.

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