Weekly Round-Up 49

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 49! This week we feature debut releases by Fanny AndersenMosa WildBright Sparks and Sandra Sample. And we review the new single by CHAI KHAT. Enjoy the music!

CHAI KHAT – Hail Satin

Three years ago German band CHAI KHAT entered the indie scene with “Ghost In A Void“, a catchy but moody new wave song. Fast forward to now, their new single is “Hail Satin”, a brighter and even catchier song that also seems to be straight from the 80s. The mix of classic synthpop and modern dreampop does the trick and brings you in a melancholic mood.

Fanny Andersen – Kids

When a 21-year old girl sings about being young again, you have to start wondering if they don’t grow up too fast! Agreed, being a kid is different than being a young adult, but it doesn’t mean it’s as tough as Fanny Andersen makes it to be in her debut song “Kids”. Despite the melancholic and over-the-top lyrics, this catchy pop tune brings joy and makes you carefree like a little kid.

Mosa Wild – Smoke

Everything feels right on Mosa Wild‘s debut single “Smoke”. It sounds touching and haunting, due to the calm strings and lead singer Rubaduka’s heartfelt vocals. It strikes a chord instantly. The band has been working on their sound for quite a bit, and it pays off, as it is mature, sincere and immediate. It has a certain grandeur without being overwhelming. This band know where they’re going, and we will be following them.

Bright Sparks – Wildfire

The British duo Bright Sparks has been building momentum by delivering their vocals for several hit dance songs by Sam Feldt and Möwe among others. So now is the perfect time to release a song of their own! And just like the tracks that featured them, “Wildfire” is an awesome dance floor filler! Stomping beats, glittering sounds and their lovely vocals. Pure disco bliss.

Sandra Sample – Nightfall

Mystery producers, we love them! No distractions, just the music. Sandra Sample‘s first track is “Nightfall”, a truly exciting dance track! A tough bassline, driving beat and heavenly vocals singing about being with the one she loves “nowhere else, I want to be with you”. A perfect track for seducing someone on the dance floor.

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