Weekly Round-Up 47

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 47! This week we feature new singles by STIKS, and BOYS. And we review debut releases by LloversShanghai Blues and Fröst. Enjoy the music!

STIKS – Big City

The new rock/hiphop duo STIKS from Chelmsford, UK, has been gaining attention with their “MASSIVE” mixtape. They now return with the new single “Big City”, which echoes the influence of Fatboy Slim. The track has a fresh ‘sound system’ and ‘street party’ vibe. The song is an energetic mix of rock, hip hop and heavy beats, with a DIY attitude. You can read more about them in our Debut Discovery article.

Llovers – Borderlands

There can never be too much dreampop! So we are delighted by the new band Llovers and their debut single “Borderlands”. The band is from North-East of England and consists of four guys who have been in previous bands separately. They want to bring joy and love, hence the name Llovers. And the dreamy “Borderlands” does bring joy and love! And sunshine. And a positive mindset. Cheers to an amazing first single!

Shanghai Blues – Run

Another young band with their debut: Shanghai Blues from East London. “Run” is a classic indierock tune with catchy guitar hooks and melodies, and it has a certain ‘anthem’ grandeur. There is such a natural flow in the song, it almost seems effortless, despite the band just being together for a few months. They perform the song with expertise and above all: joy.

Fröst – Crackling On The Wire

Remarkable first single by Fröst, the UK duo of Johanna Bramli and Steve Lewis. Distorted beats and haunting vocals in both English and French make this song already sound otherworldly. There is also a club vibe with the underlying changing bass sounds that remind us of acid house. Very refreshing debut with beautiful soundscapes!

BOYS – Let You Go

The new single continues the BOYS dreampop sound. It delivers the harmonious vocals and their lo-fi attitude. But is also slightly different, in two ways. On one hand it has a more ‘pop’ feel due to the bright vocal hum-along melody, supported by the jangly guitars. On the other hand there is a firmer subdued rock sound that gives their light sound just the right kind of body. An excellent new single!


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