Weekly Round-Up 12

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 12! This week we discovered many debut singles! They are from CULKIIN, JELF, closely, ThandiLapréVictors, Saya and Junglebae. We saw the return of ROCKY, and we feature a new single by KAELYN. Enjoy the music!

JELF – Wanna Be What You Want

JELFJELF is Craig Jelf, a young man from London, UK. His voice is the part of the song that immediately stands out. Jelf sounds soulful, and confident (considering this is his debut). The song is catchy with a driving bass and a nice piano melody. With BBC Introducing support, you’ll know he is going to be huge!

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closely – Empty

closelyA new band from Toronto, Canada, consisting of three guys: Michael and Spenser were already writing slow, dreamy popsongs; Joel was writing electro jams before joining them. Together they created this amazing indiedance debut “Empty”. It’s an incredibly well produced song with beautiful vocals, a dance beat and those dreamlike melodies! Works both on and off the dancefloor. Dream & Dance, people!

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ROCKY – Apologize

ROCKYSoulful indiedance from Lille, France! ROCKY are back with a new tune “Apologize”. It’s a dancefloor banger with a sound and beat that are clearly rooted in classic house music. The percussion, the bass, everything fits. But the vocals make the difference! Especially the voice of singer Ines Kokou who sings the refrain. The music video is a playful take on lyrics videos. Watch, listen and dance!!

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Thandi – Forgetful

THANDINow this debut sounds different from the rest! A fresh mix of funk, rock and psychedelia! Thandi is also part of band Club Kuru. Her first solo offering sounds fresh and creative. With a slow yet pulsating clapping rhythm, the instrumental background has a perfect groove for Thandi’s dreamy vocals. This is a winner.

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Victors – Tonight

Victors2Victors is a rock band from Leeds, UK. After a few demo songs on Soundcloud, they now have their proper debut single “Tonight” out. Where the demos sounded somewhat underproduced, their new one has a fresh and crystal clear production. It’s a pleasant and accessible poprock song that will get stuck in your head!

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Lapré – Gone Away

laprisBeautiful downtempo song by duo Rowan Blem & Benjamin McCarthy from Cape Town, South Africa. McCarthy also operates as DJ/producer Oracles, creating similar tropical dance soundscapes. Their track “Gone Away” is an excellent lounge track, but definitely not muzak. The vocals, melody and many details will hold your attention throughout. It has an exotic touch with water and bird sound samples. Perfect for summer!

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KAELYN – The Mood

KAELYNYoungster KAELYN from London brings another soulful downtempo track “The Mood”. Bringing together a lot of sounds and micro-samples, he creates these beautiful melodies. It’s basically a deep, dreamy and chilled sound-sculpture. Additional vocals are by Kyéonta. The song really triggers the imagination. This is so amazing, we can’t get enough. Extraordinary!

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CULKIIINCULKIIN is a project by Tom Briggs, formerly from synthpop band Tel Aviv. He and his friend Jack King created 80s influenced songs, notably their single “Thriller“. His new sound is more club based, although the song starts calm. Once the beat and bass drop, you’re addicted. Two months ago a wicked and playful guerrilla music video was released on Vimeo. We’re curious to see where this is heading, we love to hear more!


Saya – Wet Dreams

SAYASweet and seductive R&B ballad by newcomer Saya from Toronto, Canada. The production balances somewhere between 80s groove and 90s midtempo house. Her singing is what makes the song complete, it’s both seductive and carefree. Impressive debut that soon will hit the radio waves everywhere.

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Junglebae – Backwardz

JunglebaeJunglebae is a new female hip hop duo from the Netherlands. Their debut single “Backwardz” is a bangin’ blend of hip hop and dance, produced by Boaz Van De Beatz. Their raps are fresh and flawless. It reminds us of Azealia Banks. With a little tropical touch and a colourful music video this will be an international club hit for sure!

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