Weekly Round-Up 10

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 10. This week we are celebrating the return of Peter Bjorn And John and CANTER. We review new singles by Kelly Lee Owens, Molyneaux, André Tajchman and Ollie Wride. But we start off with the beautiful debut single by Pavón. Enjoy the music!

Pavón – Itchy Skin

Pavón - Itchy Skin 0Pavón is the new project by Analisa Corral, which she wrote and produced herself. The song is a beautiful pop ballad featuring her own voice. It’s about a girl who wants to change herself to get the person she’s in love with. The production by Analisa herself is remarkable, with space to let the lyrics sink in, and with the right amount of sounds and melodies to hit emotionally without being overdramatic.


Kelly Lee Owens – 1 of 3

Kelly Owens

The new single by London-based Kelly Lee Owens is something special and completely different to what’s out there. She delivers an ethereal atmosphere with her music and angelic voice. She combines it with 90s techno and acid house sounds. What makes it even more extraordinary is that the song seems so natural, and not fabricated. Owens creates an exciting musical world for herself, and for us.

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CANTER – Hear My Plea


Canter is an electronic rock band from Chicago, USA.They create dark hypnotic songs, based on krautrock, new wave and ambient. About a year ago, CANTER released their debut album on Bandcamp. And now they are back! “Hear My Plea” is the first single of their forth-coming album. The song is hypnotic coldwave with deep dark vocals. A stunning synthesis of trancey ambient and darkwave!

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Molyneaux – Burning Youth

Molyneaux 4Molyneaux just keeps putting out these amazing pop songs! This new one is again about longing for a person, while being young and unable to cope with it. The desperation of the lyrics and vocals is reinforced by a haunting background sound at the 2-minute mark, and by the repetitive chanting of ‘I’m burning’ at the end. Another piece of remarkable music to add to his catalogue.

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Ollie Wride – Owns My Love

Ollie WrideWe remember Ollie Wride as the frontman of the glampop band FARRA, known for the minor hit Spotlights. Wride’s music is heavily influenced by 80s synthpop and glamrock, as you can hear from the FARRA song, his collaboration with synthwave producer Timecop1983 “Wild Love“, and on his solo work. His new one is a fresh popsong, with bits of glam, soul and disco. And his amazing voice adds urge and drama. Fantastic!

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André Tajchman – Smoke

Andre Tajchman -SmokeAndre Tajchman is a Belgian singer, songwriter and producer now based in London. He takes inspiration from classic crooners and recent artists as well. His third single “Smoke” is a dark claustrophobic song, from which it is hard to escape. It features his soulful voice backed by a slow trip hop beat. The music video with a woman tearing out her own heart is disturbing, but adds to the song. Haunting.

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Peter Bjorn And John – What You Talking About?

PBJIt’s been four years since their last album was released. In the meantime they founded their own label INGRID, with releases from Lykke Li and Miike Snow. Their own song “High Up (Take Me To The Top)” appeared on the INGRID label compilation. The new single is a cheerful tune, a sweet combination of disco and indiepop. You’ll be dancing and whistling along in no time! Their new album “Breakin’ Point” is set to be released in June 2016.

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