Weekly Round-Up 9

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 9. This week we saw the return of M83, and new singles by Lyel and Another Juggle. And we discovered debut singles by Max Green, Zipper ClubInnerspace Orchestra and mystery band Weirdo. Enjoy the music!

Lyel – Shadow

Lyel instaThe third single from our beloved Lyel is out! After her electropop single “Waterproof” and ballad “Raven”, there is now “Shadow”: a classic dancepop tune about fighting for a relationship. It has a positive message that is reinforced by the drum beats and uplifting vocals. The song is catchy and you’ll be attached to it immediately. It won’t let you go! A song not only for radio play, but for the dancefloor as well!

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Another Juggle – Not Now

Another JuggleThis week Another Juggle’s debut album was released: a beautiful, melancholic melting pot of 80s sounding tunes and dreampop songs. “Not Now” is the opening track and new single. It has their signature dreampop sound: nordic melancholy, 80s synths and an amazing spacious production. And it is a suitable soundtrack to the video about two kids not knowing how to pass their time.

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M83 – Do It, Try It

M83Music project by Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez, known for bombastic electronic album-oriented music and the major hit “Midnight City”. With the new single he seems to go in another direction. This is pure radio-friendly electropop. “I’ll Do It, I’ll Try It” he must have thought. It is a statement against the fast pace of music consuming without taking the time to really listen. And what better way to do it with a infectious song?!

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Max Green – Homebody

Max GreenDebut single by one half of Inspires And The Sleep. This is his solo project. The song has his familiar beautiful vocals, singing about the ‘dating game’. It is a slightly cynical song about the purpose or meaninglessness of pursuing love and lust. Despite the lyrics the song has a uplifting beat that somehow makes you feel okay and reencourages you to not give up. A well-accomplished tune that’s already an indiepop favourite.

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Zipper Club – Going The Distance

Zipper ClubDebut song “Going the Distance” by Zipper Club is a true gem! A delightful indiepop tune that immediately lights up your mood. Everything adds to that feeling: the synths, hooks and above all the carefree and uplifting voice of singer Lissy Trullie. Their sound is comparable to Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Noisettes. On repeat!

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Innerspace Orchestra – One Way Glass

innerspace orcAnother debut single! Innerspace Orchestra is new group consisting of experienced members from bands The Horrors, Fanfarlo and The Pipettes. Their love for shoegaze brought them together, and the band name is appropriately chosen. The music is dreamy, gazy and introspective. The slow beats bring 90s trip hop to mind, which suits very well. This is the psychedelic pop sound we love!

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Weirdo – Butter

weirdo butterAnother week, another mystery debut single! There is no information to be found. That triggers speculation about who is behind the project. It really doesn’t matter as long as the music is good. And it is, it is awesome! A tropical funky dance track with soulful vocals that sounds very refreshing. Put on your dancing shoes, close your eyes and start dancing to an imagined holiday destination. Here we go!

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