Weekly Round-Up 5

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 5. This week we saw the return of The Raveonettes, creating an anti-album. Low Cut High Tops finally released his debut album, and Panther Play his debut EP. TUSKA‘s second spacey single is here. And we discovered incredible debut singles by OpiaKinds and Doesn’t Matter. Enjoy the music!

Opia – Falling

OpiaDebut single by new R&B duo. From the very moment of release this song has been receiving raving reviews. Deservedly so. The song is incredibly well produced with a smooth electronic sound but leaving space for bluesy guitar and vocals. If you want to seduce someone, just put this on! Everybody’s ‘falling for this toxic love’. We definitely like, no, need to hear more from these guys! Stunning debut.

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Kinds – Hands Up

KindsEverything on this next debut is cheerful: sounds, vocals and even the artwork. The ‘collaboration of 2 producers’ brings us a groovy slow jam. The duo has been touring for a while now, and their 2014 song “Run” was picked up for commercials and mixtapes. Enough reason to check out their new single. We love the hands clapping throughout the song. Because that’s just what you want to do, uncontrollably! Hands up!

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Panther Play – Oracle Bay EP

Panther Play photoPanther Play is an upcoming soul singer from London. His debut EP consists of songs that hail from ‘Oracle Bay’, the place between us and the Gods, according to him. His sound could be touched by the divine indeed! It is so incredibly beautiful, both instrumental and vocal. It’s dark, spacious and bombastic, like film noir in music. Clearly a labour of love, and it deserves your undivided attention.

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The Raveonettes – This World Is Empty (Without You) 

RaveonettesAnother year, another band releasing a new song every month. In this case it’s The Raveonettes. Really? Yes! At the end of the year, they will compile all the songs to an ‘anti-album’ as they call it. The first song is not a typical Ravenettes one. With an 80s freestyle electro beat and loads of synths, this is a complete surprise. But a pleasant one! With a melancholic voice and sad lyrics this a great first ‘anti’ song.

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Low Cut High Tops – Let’s Runaway

LCHTThis week we finally saw the release of David Burns’ debut album “Eh, Whatever”. He has done everything himself. The songs range from hopeful, cheerful pop songs (“Let’s Pretend That We’re Married”) to more cynical, darker grunge ones (“Lonely And Cold”). This full range of emotions and sounds makes the album a bold portrayal of a youngster struggling with love in all aspects. An amazing debut! “Let’s Runaway” is the new single.

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TUSKA – We Could Be Alone

TUSKASecond song of this Brighton duo, and another amazing one! They play all instruments themselves and create harmonious songs. The most obvious comparison is Tame Impala. Where their preceding single “Fine” is more guitar-based and down to earth, their new one has a slight more focus on synth melodies, and seems to be written in space, much closer to the sun. Just hum along and float…

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Doesn’t Matter – Used

Doesn't Matter logo newDebut single by three teens from Richmond, USA. Their sound is quite mature, but that’s not a surprise, because the band is a side project of Florida Gardens, who have been releasing dreampop songs for quite some time now. The sound of the new band is just a little edgier, more surfrock. Their song “Used” works very well and is a perfect song for your summertime at the beach!

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